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Most recycling industries are subsidized, which costs taxpayers millions of dollars every year. Hot-in-place recycling (HIPAR) is not. It’s a market-based solution that just happens to also be really great choice for the environment.

Choosing HIPAR means:

  • Significant cost savings
  • Minimal traffic and retail disruptions
  • Reduced life cycle costs
  • Increased asphalt longevity

That’s not all:

  • Existing roads are deteriorating quicker than they are being rehabilitated.
  • As taxpayers, it’s in our best interest to preserving the roads that we already have because they represent an enormous investment. We can’t let them deteriorate. 
  • The price of oil rose by more than 100 per cent in the last few years. Indications are that it is going to continue to rise exponentially. Every increase in the cost of oil increases the value of the oil in the existing roads…as long as those roads are recycled. Conventional paving techniques do not fully utilize the value of the existing oil and aggregate. The enormous investment put into the roads by previous generations is lost.
  • Just by tendering more contracts, government can help develop a world-leading, home grown industry.
  • HIPAR is the most effective method for certain road in certain conditions.



Specific Benefits:

  • Uncoated aggregate is remixed and recoated
  • Ruts and holes filled
  • Shoves and bumps levelled
  • Crown and drainage re-established
  • Asphalt flexibility restored by chemically rejuvenating the aged asphalt
  • Aggregate gradation and asphalt content may be modified
  • Highway safety enhanced through improved ride and skid resistance
  • Lower engineering cots
  • Lower traffic control cost and traffic interruption




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